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Junkyards Near Me

What are these junkyards near me and how do they work?

If you are like me, you will try to find the best deal, the lowest prices, the best quality on anything you are buying. This goes also to buying used auto parts. One thing you need to know is that not all local junkyards are the same, not all have the same variety of vehicles in stock, their junk cars inventory changes daily and even the cars may not have the parts you need to pull out.


Junk Cars Inventory

You need to see their inventory, luckily nowadays most professional local salvage yards have an online inventory where you can see if they have the car in the yard, how long the car has been there and also an online price list.


I live in South Florida, most of the junkyards near me have an online inventory, a interchange or part exchange system that shows me other vehicles that also carry the part I need for my vehicle. This is very helpful since I can see what vehicles they have in stock, but also it shows me other vehicles in stock that also carry the auto parts near me. This gives me more of a chance of getting the car part I need but also it increases the quality of the part, I would see what vehicles they have and then pick they car where the part looks the newest and go from there.

Used Car Part Warranty

I also pay attention to which salvage yard near me has the best warranty and prices, this is very important since you are buying a used car part. You don’t want to go home and realized that the part you bought doesn’t fit or is not working anymore. places like LKQ U PULL IT have a 30 days warranty.


Basically you have 30 days to bring the part back for an exchange, so if you install the part and it works for a few days, you can bring it back for an equal exchange. No they don’t give money back, but you can get store credit, in case the vehicle you got the part from is not in stock anymore.

Car Rotation

The inventory of a junkyard can change daily (most good junkyards) new vehicles arrive every day, and they replace them so that their customers can get parts from a more extensive number of vehicles.


Some Local junk yards will replace their cars only once a month, or less than that, you need to make sure that they have a good number of cars or trucks in stock and that they get new ones often. You should call ahead if they don’t have an online inventory, this will get you informed about their location, prices and cars they have available to pick your parts from.


Full Service vs Self-Service Junkyards

Many junkyards are either self-service or full service, and even both. What does this mean? Well, a Full service junkyardhas all their car parts already pulled and ready to sell. this is time saving but it can be costlier, you will be paying more for the labor of pulling the parts for you. No need to bring tools or pay for entrance, just order and pay.


You will definitely save money in comparison to buying the part new but you will pay more than if you were the one pulling the part. Also some junkyards could charge you more based on the vehicle make or model you need the part for.

A self-service junkyard or a You Pull It yard is basically that, you pull the parts out yourself, you need to bring your own tools, pull the part yourself and the saving will show when you pay.


Lost of popular self-service junkyards have onsite mechanics that will pull parts out for you for a small fee, this people DO NOT work for the salvage yard and will have all the tools needed to get the part our. some parts are very heavy or difficult to get to them and can be very dangerous for anyone to get in and get it out.

If you are not knowledgeable or have the right tools to get the parts out yourself, sometimes is cheaper to pay someone else to do the dirty work for you, you could spend hundreds of dollars on tools that you could only use once, while paying a Parts Puller can save you time and money. and the fact you don’t need to do the work can save you from injury or pain.


Entrance Fees and Restrictions

Most popular wrecking yards have an entrance fee, this is between $1 to $3, while most small yards don’t have a cover fee or entrance fee, this si to attract more people into their doors, even tho they don’t have as many vehicles or the lower prices as the big boys do.


Places like LKQ, Pick N Pull, and u pull and pay have an entrance fee, this junk yards are big, they have many locations across the country, they also compete with one-another when it comes to prices making the market kind of unfair to the small yards that can’t bring big volume of car parts.

Most yard will not let anyone under the age of 16 into their yard, you also need to wear close toe shoes. you will need show ID to enter the yard if they suspect you are under the age of 16 so be prepared.


In Conclusion

My best tip for anyone will be to look around before visiting a local salvage yard, visit their website, compare prices, also check out their interchange system if they have one, this will lead you to find the part you need and if you are not capable or don’t have the tools to pull a part yourself, the look if there are any mechanics around. they will help you pull the part for a fee.



Scrap Yards are often confused with junkyards or salvage yards. A scrap yard is a place that processes metals and all kinds of scrap metals. Basically people bring to them washers, dryers, wires, iron, ferrous metals are metals which are iron-based. The most common of these being steel, which can be found in cars, household appliances, construction beams and food cans.


The value or how much you will be paid varies day to day, depending on the Today Prices on Scrap Metals will make a difference on how much a scrap yard will pay you for your scrap.

People often confuse a scrap yard with a junk yard. You see, a scrap yard near me only buys ferrous materials, they buy it by the ton, pound, kilo or whatever you call it, you get paid by the weight. So a scrap yard doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the auto recycling industry, but more recycling materials like iron, steel, aluminum and others.


Why are some automobile junk yards buying scrap metals then?
A local junkyard also gets a good amount of leftover metals from all the vehicles that go through their junk cars inventory. Those leftover car parts and scrap then either gets shredded or sold to a scrap yard near me, where they will shred it and sell it to someone else to melt it down.

The process of shredding a vehicle for their scrap metals is very costly and could make or break a business, it requires huge machinery with state of the art hammers, electric motors and metal detectors with separation functions.


Those hammer will have to replaced multiple times in a month, depending on how much use they give them. Bu the cost of electricity and men power to shred the materials could be too much to handle for a small scrap yard near me, so they sell the scrap metals for a profit.

Things that a scrap yard near you buys:

  • AluminumAll alloys and series
  • Aerospace AlloysInconel, Titanium, Hasty, etc…
  • BatteriesLead Acid
  • Brass / BronzeYellow, Red, Rod, Manganese, Aluminum Bz, etc…
  • CopperAll grades
  • Iron / Steel
  • Insulated Copper Wires
  • LeadRange Lead, Soft Lead, Wheel Weights
  • RadiatorsAluminum, Brass, Copper/Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel300 series, non magnetic.
  • ZincBoat Zinc, Die cast, etc..

I have seen people bringing the washers and dryers, fridges, car rims, huge kitchen appliances, even airplanes to a scrap yard near me. I also know of some people that know the route of heavy trash pick up, where people bright their big things out, things they can usually put out because of weight or size.


Some of them are metallic or of some ferrous material. They pick them up and sell them to a local scrap yard, their only investment is driving around miles and their time. Now this happens almost every day of the week, in different sections of the city or county, there is always money to be made.

One man’s trash is literally another man’s treasure.

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